Samsung Galaxy Certificates


Samsung Galaxy Certificates

We provide certificate files for all Samsung Phones. Please check the drop down menu located below.

  1. All cert files are never used and will be metro compatible.
  2. Once they are sold to an individual these certificate files will not be resold to any other party (unlike many online re-sellers).
  3. All certificates are referenced with Phone model number and Keyid.
  4. Please ensure you select the correct model number and verify the keyid.
  5. Any questions please contact us before purchase
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Samsung Galaxy Certificates for Sale

We provide all Samsung Certificates a.k.a certs

This is a digital product sale. Once the item has been purchased we will send it via email. There are absolutely no refunds. Please ensure you have the correct model and keyid before making that large purchase. 



  • Purchase the required Samsung Certificates a.k.a certs for your desired model.
  • Once purchase has been made within a few hours you will receive a confirmation email with a certificate.
  • Once the Samsung certificates are emailed there is absolutely no refunds or negotiation as its digital media.
  • Once the certificates are provided we assume no responsibility after the sale as it can be easily copies, shared or misused.


  • Once purchased, there is no refunds unless we fail to provide the service.
  • We are selling Samsung certificates a.k.a certs and hold no responsibility of show you how to write them on your phone.
  • Samsung certificate validity is checked for each cert before its sold.
  • If you are unsure what is a Samsung certificate please do not proceed with the purchase and redirect yourself to

For more information call Skype – yasersultan.

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SM-G900A,AZ,F,FD,FQ,I,K,L,M,MD,P,R4,R6,R7,S,T,T1,V,W8 (keyid – 0478), SM-N910U,T,P,G,F (keyid – 0772), SM-N915 (keyid – 0208), SM-G900 (keyid – 0478), SM-G870 (keyid – 0700), SM-G850 (keyid – 0793), SM-N900T (keyid – 0813), SM-N9005 (keyid – 0813), SM-G920A,AZ,F,FQ,I,K,L,S,T,V,W8 (keyid – 0346), SM-G925A,F,FQ,I,K,L,S,T,W8 (keyid – 0346), SM-G928A,C,F,G,I,S,T,W8 (keyid – 0784), SM-N920A,C,F,I,G,L,K,S,T,W8 (keyid – 0448)


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